Cinema City 4DX, Novy Smichov

Praha, Czech Republic

Our team finished the project of reconstruction of the existing cinema hall to 4DX need. The cinema Cinema City 4DX is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic.

4DX™ is a revolutionary cinematic technology that stimulates the audiences’ 5 senses through customized effects to give the audiences the best experience while watching a movie. It’s equipped with high tech motion seats that in sync with the on-screen action to heighten audience emotion throughout blockbuster films.

You will also be able to experience special effects such as wind, fog, lightning mist and scents that enhance what you see on the screen with over 24 varieties of special effect in a 3D format. The master image 3D projection systems onto the silver screen will provide the audience with crystal clear and the most immersive movie experience.

Absolute Cinema Experience 4DX™
It is time to transform the experience of watching a movie. Each 4DX™ seat move on 3 axes of motions: rolling, heaving, and pitching. A variety of chair-embedded effects, plus shots of air, bursts of water, leg & back ticklers, allows for a complete immersion of audiences into the movies as they become part of the story on-screen.

Make it more intense and immersive by using all your senses!

Motion chairs move in all directions in reaction to what is shown on screen A special device sprays filtered water for realistic experience of the movie The’ Neck Air System’ installed in the motion chairs blows air to the neck A totally immersive experience including real scents of each scene Lightning bolts flash from theater ceilings using special lighting effects


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